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I. Job Title : Assistant Loan Officer

II. Department : Loans Department

III. Organizational Structure

Reports to : Manager/Assistant Manager/Operations Officer

Coordinates with : Cash & Accounting Department Head

Supervises : Loans Department Personnel

IV. Contact with Others :
Internal & External Contact Purpose of Contact Frequency
Asst. Manager / Manager / EVP Instructions & Approvals Daily
Accountant Coordination Daily
Asst. Cashier / Cashier Coordination Daily
Other Loans Personnel Supervision Daily
BSP / Compliance Officer Reportorial & Compliance As Needed
Bank Clients Bank Services Daily
V. Job Elements:

1. Tools and Equipment
• Computer & Printer
• Office Supplies
• Operations Manual
• Work Instruction Manual

2. Output
q Processed Loans with complete documentations
q Collection Letters
q List of Loan Releases
q List of Payments/Collections of Current Loans
q Credit Investigation Report

V. Job Objective:

This position is responsible in conducting credit checking of loan applicants and appraisals of the securities being offered. He/she is to ensure that loan applications received are completed in accordance with the policies of the bank and that payments of current loan accounts are updated at all times.

He/she is tasked to handle the loan operations of the bank in the absence of the Loan Officer.

VI. Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Interviews interested loan applicants and submits to the Loan Officer the accomplished loan applications for the appropriate (approval) recommendation.

2. Communicates with the loan applicants for additional documents required.

3. Verifies the purpose of the loan and the character/profile of the borrower applying for a loan, among other factors.

4. Inspects properties offered as security in accordance with the procedures as set in the Appraisal Manual of the bank.

5. Based on a set criteria, determines the capacity of the borrower to pay the amount being borrowed with reference to the existing policies of the bank

6. Investigates the credit standing of the borrower using the tools provided under the Bank’s Operations Manual and prepares the credit investigation report.

7. Accomplishes the required documentations for registration with the proper agencies (LTO, Registry of Deeds, Bureau of Internal Revenue, etc.)

8. Prepares all loan documents necessary for creating and encoding in loans system a particular borrower’s account.

9. Secures and verifies signatures of borrower/s on loan documents during releasing of loan proceeds.

10. Monitors the Collateral Inventory Schedule to ensure completeness as against the Security folders under his custody (L.O.: Checks the completeness of all items held as collateral on a monthly basis.)

11. Monitors that all collaterals held by the bank are updated in terms of the following:
a. Real Estate Taxes
b. Renewal of insurance and registration for CM (chattel mortgage)
c. Renewal of fire insurance for improvements (REM)
d. Mortgage redemption insurance of the borrowers.

12. Collects loan amortization payments from all borrowers per loan payment schedule.

13. Prepares and sends collection letters and notices of payment. (L.O.: Ensures that all reminder letters and notices of collection are released in accordance with the policies of the bank)

14. Prepares list of payments of clients (statement of account) and encodes on the loans system accordingly.

15. Receives and processes requests for cancellation and discharge of mortgage.

16. Prepares all internal reports that are necessary for information of the Bank’s management including loan releases, collection/payments report, aging of loans and receivables, outstanding loan balance per classification, etc.

17. Performs such other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

VII. Competencies:

1. Graduate of any four (4) year Business Course.

2. At least two (2) years experience on loan operations either with Summit Bank or with another bank.

3. Hardworking and dedicated to achievement of work excellence.

4. Imbued with a high degree of integrity and loyalty.

5. Possesses people relationship skills.

6. Proficient in Banking and Accounting Policies and Procedures.

7. Can execute instructions correctly.

8. Ability to prepare accurate and timely reports.

9. Can work well in a team.

10. High moral standards.

VIII. Job Specifications:

Job requirements stated, but not limited on the following:

• Graduate of any four (4) year Business or Agri-Business or Engineering Course

• Computer literate
• People Management Skills
• Collection Skills
• Good communication skills – interpersonal, verbal and written
• With goal of influencing outcome to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

• BSP Training
• Loan Delinquency Management
• Legal Aspects of Credit
• Loan Documentation
• Appraisal
• Risk Management

• At least two (2) years experience on loan operations either with Summit bank or with another bank.

Physical and Behavioral Qualifications
• Physically fit
• Can work with minimum supervision
• Result oriented
• Honest
• Strong work ethic demonstrated through attendance, individual and team commitments. FBRB | Federation of Batangas Rural Bankers
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