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No. Title No. Location Area (sqm.) Lot Type Selling Price  
AD-04 TCT No. 505610* Quezon, Tiaong, Lusacan 1,000 Residential+ P2,898,000.00  
AD-05 TCT No. 502564 (Lot. 1 Blk. 3)
TCT No. 502565 (Lot 2, Blk. 3)
TCT No. 502566 (Lot 3, Blk. 3)
TCT No. 502567 (Lot 4, Blk. 3)
Within Villa Nosa Subd., in Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon. Approx. 200m from Maharlika Hiway 77



Residential P938,000.00  
AD-11 TCT No. 127915* Within Poblacion proper, Taysan, Batangas. Approx. 225m away from Taysan Municipal Hall and church 314 Residential P628,000.00  
AD-14 TCT No. 075-2011001404 Within Brgy. Sta. Maria, San Pablo City, approx. 200m from Brgy. hall and chapel 20,094 Agricultural P3,818,000.00  
AD-18 CCT No. 31869 Lee Gardens Condominium Mandaluyong City 39 Residential P2,535,000.00  
AD-19 CCT No. 31870 Lee Gardens Condominium Mandaluyong City 122.40 Residential P7,956,000.00  
AD-21 CCT No. 31872 Lee Gardens Condominium Mandaluyong City 66.30 Residential P4,309,500.00  
AD-27 CCT No. 008-2017005384 Lee Gardens, Mandaluyong City 18th Flr South Tower Under Unit 1809 45.80 Studio Type No Finishing P2,977,000.00  
L-08 TCT T-95370 Batangas, San Jose, Brgy Galamay-amo 1,442 Residential P2,602,668.80  
L-14 TCT-96061 Rizal, Pililia, Quisao 16,753 Agricultural P3,600,000.00  
L-16 TCT No. T-471336 (Lot 5 Blk 4)
TCT No. T-471337
(Lot 22 Blk 1)
TCT No. T-471338
(Lot 23 Blk 1)
TCT No. T-471339
(Lot 24 Blk 1)
Quezon, Candelaria, Brgy Masim, West Valley Village 134



Residential P2,500.00/sq.m.  
L-17 TCT No. T-471340
(Lot 25 Blk 1)
TCT No. T-471341
(Lot 3 Blk 4)
TCT No. T-471342
(Lot 6 Blk 4)
TCT No. T-471343
(Lot 26 Blk 4)
Quezon, Candelaria, Brgy Masim, West Valley Village 120




Residential P2,500.00/sq.m.  
L-19 TCT-414545 Quezon, Pagbilao, Brgy Mapagong 2,180 Residential/
L-20 TCT-414546 Quezon, Pagbilao, Brgy Mapagong 2,951 Residential/
L-21 TCT-414548 Quezon, Pagbilao, Brgy Mapagong 814 Residential P407,000.00  
L-22 TCT-414547 Quezon, Pagbilao, Brgy Mapagong 3,603 Residential/
L-23 TCT-414542 Quezon, Pagbilao, Brgy Mapagong 1,372 Residential/
L-24 TCT-414543 Quezon, Pagbilao, Brgy Mapagong 2,255 Residential/
L-25 TCT-414544 Quezon, Pagbilao, Brgy Mapagong 1,796 Residential/
L-27 TCT-T-124351
Within Cobella Homes Brgy. Darasa Tanauan City, Batangas. Approx. 100m away from the main entrance and for about 1km away from the national highway 150
Residential P885,000.00  
L-28 TCT-T-2012002461 Within Sta. Ana Homes Subd., Brgy. Sta. Ana, San Pablo City, Laguna. Approx. 100m away from main gate entrance 120 Residential P500,000.00  
L-29 TCT-053-2015000795 Lot 2 Blk 5 Las Residencias Subd. Brgy. Mabalanoy, San Juan, Batangas. 158 Residential P550,000.00  
L-30 TCT-060-2015001764 Lot 1 Jamaica Hills Brgy. Bambang, Los Banos, Laguna 204 Residential P1,300.000.00  
L-31 TCT-072-2016004851 Within Green Ville Subd. Lot 44 Blk 2 370 meters away from subd. entrance gate. 106 Residential P500,000.00  
L-32 TCT-066-2017000423 Along Brgy. Tagbakin, Tiaong, Quezon 500 Residential P500,000.00  
L-33 TCT-488180 Within Brgy. Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon Lot 2 Blk 31 Villa Nosa Subd. Property is 2 storey residential. 1,125 Residential P5,500.000.00  
Note: *-under 1-year redemption period      +-with improvement/building
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