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5 Speed Rural Bank, Inc.
Banco Makiling (A Rural Bank)
Banco ng Masa
Batangas Rural Bank for Coop., Inc.
Bolbok Rural Bank, Inc.
Classic Rural Bank, Inc.
Empire Rural Bank, Inc.
Limcoma Rural Bank, Inc.
Lipa Bank, Inc. ( A Rural Bank)
Malarayat Rural Bank, Inc.
Mount Carmel Rural Bank
New Rural Bank of Agoncillo, Inc.
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Rural Bank of Cuenca, Inc.
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Rural Bank of San Luis, Inc.
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Rural Bank of Talisay, Inc.
Sunrise Rural Bank, Inc. 
Summit Rural Bank of Lipa City, Inc.
Synergy Rural Bank, Inc.
Utility Bank
Women’s Rural Bank, Inc.


Company Background

WRB was incorporated by a small group of women with a shared vision, shared mission and shared responsibility. The bank was conceived to bring into the mainstream of rural banking a social reform agenda. This agenda shall enable poverty-strapped women to have access to financial services and engage in profitable economic activities. The concept gave rise to a rural bank with a special mission. This mission is to make rural banking system contribute towards the socioeconomic upliftment and empowerment of women in the countryside.

Indeed, WRB envisions taking part in bringing rural societies closer to their aspirations for life of dignity, harmony, peace and equity for all women and men. To pursue their shared vision and shared mission, the incorporators also took a shared responsibility of a loan from a foreign creditor who supported WRB’s affirmative action for rural women. The loan enabled the bank to operate with adequate funds since 1998. Shared responsibility naturally applies to the Board of Directors who is responsible for direction setting and policy formulations for a sound and profitable bank.

The bank was incorporated on 16 September 1997 and given Certificate of Authority to operate as a rural bank by BSP on 19 February 1998. Having been duly authorized, WRB started operations on 27 February 1998 in Rosario, Batangas.
General Information
SEC Registration : A1997-15330
Date Registered with SEC : 16 September 1997
Date Started Operation : 13 March 1998
Tax Identification Number : 006-196-166-000
Principal and Business Address : Carandang St. Poblacion Rosario, Batangas
Telephone Nos. : 043 3211281/3213097
Telefax : 043 3211281
Email Address : wrb@rbap.org
Type of Business : Rural Banking
Products and Services
Deposits Savings and Time Deposits
Loans Agricultural Loan
  Microfinance Loan
  Industrial Loan
  Commercial Loan
  Others (e.g. chattel, salary)
List of Stockholders and Shareholdings
Name No. of Shares Percentage of Subscription
Alviar, Alicia S. 4,567 3.996%
Briones, Angelina M. 12,572 10.655%
Francisco, Edna N. 12,172 10.655%
Regalado, Aurora A. 12,172 10.655%
Sobritchea, Carolyn I. 12,172 10.655%
Tan, Fides C. 10,541 8.836%
Beltran, Sylvia 1 0.0008%
WISE ACT, INC. 27,673 23.196%
Narito, Zonia C. 636 0.533%
Orozco, Pompio Michael Miguel F. 7,626 6.392%
Unabia-Gargarita, Lurina 1,910 1.601%
Pineda, Amanda 636 0.533%
Ventura, Rosario 501 0.420%
Tanchuling, Ma. Camilla Clara V. 500 0.419%
Gargarita, Carlos Dante 500 0.419%
Regalado, Mikhail Carlo 1500 1.257%
Francisco, Carlos Raphael N. 500 0.419%
Alejandro, Ruth Margaret F. 2000 1.676%
Briones, Roehlano M. 2790 2.339%
Briones, Aurelio M. Jr. 2791 2.339%
Regalado, Katrina Belle A. 500 0.419%
Santos, Rodolfo B. 500 0.419%
Albotra, Rodelia E. 500 0.419%
Sobritchea, Anna Katrina I. 1580 1.324%
Galvez, Vivian M. 500 0.419%
TOTAL  119,300 100.00%
List of Directors and Officers
Angelina M. Briones : Chairperson/President
Carolyn I. Sobritchea : Vice Chairperson
Edna N. Francisco  : Treasurer
Aurora A. Regalado : Director
Sylvia Beltran  : Director
Zonia C. Narito  : Independent Director
Rosario S. Ventura : Independent Director
Michael F. Orozco : Manager
Joel M. Raz : Compliance Officer
Marissa V. Florida : Cashier
Atty. Grace Eloisa J. Que : Corporate Secretary
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